Setred provides a new unique 3D display technology that enables a full depth experience without the use of goggles or headgear. It is a plug and play device that can be used with any computer using a standard graphics card. The display has a set of features that makes it uniquely suited for high-end users.

High resolution and colour
Large image depth
Wide viewing zone which allows for multiple users
True 3D, meaning the user can look around the object by moving her head sideways


The display will be available for end users in 2009. Setred currently has a beta version that is in use at test sites.

Setred is working with medical partners to perform studies and develop content for the medical industry. Projects are also being planned with partners in the oil industry. For more information see partnership projects.


Demonstration in Tananger 29th May

Setred and ConocoPhillips were invited to a demonstration of Setred’s 3D display at ConocoPhillips office in Tananger. Agenda for meeting was a demonstration of the display technology and an open discussion of potential application areas in the oil industry. The demonstrations were held on the 28th and 29th of May and approximately 80 people attended. For questions or requests for information provided at the meeting please contact Christine Svanæs at Setred on +47 94 15 25 85.

Setred in Swedish medical 3D visualisation project

Setred will take part in a project with the Centre for Medical Image Science and Visualization (CMIV), Lund University Graphics Group (LUGG) and Information and Communication Systems (IKS), Mittuniversitetet in Sweden, that has received support from the Knowledge Foundation. The project aims to create a demonstrator for medical applications, with CMIV as the medical partner.

Rikshospitalet first customer for new display version

The new 3D display from Setred enables the true visualisation of deep scenes in full colour. It provides significant improvements in contrast and depth properties compared to previous versions. Rikshospitalet in Oslo will be using the display for developing a number of applications including CT, MRI and ultrasound.

Setred closes investment round

The investment round was led by Springfondet, which is a Norwegian seed fund part owned by Forskningsparken and Kistefos. Riekeles Finans also came in as a new strategic investor. This will strengthen Setred’s ability to enter the oil&gas market. Jon Riekeles will become new chairman of the board.

Setred receives grant for medical project

The grant from Innovation Norway will enable Setred and Rikshospitalet to further develop Setred’s unique 3D display technology for a range of medical applications.

Recent years have seen rapid technological development within diagnostic imaging and other medical applications using visual information. In particular the ability to build 3D volume models from CT, MR and ultrasound has opened up new possibilities. One can now see realistic views of the patient’s interior. The driving force for this development is that radiology departments can handle more patients with the same staff, improve diagnosis, patient safety and quality of care.

Current display technology is a limiting factor when it comes to intuitive interpretation of medical scans. This can be overcome by introducing Setred’s 3D display technology where the viewer gets additional depth information.

New 20-inch version launched

Setred has launced a new 20-inch version of its 3D display. The display will be used for in depth testing in professional applications within medical and oil&gas applications. Through Setred’s unique technology the display has exceptional depth combined with flexibility to adapt to a range of different user requirements.

Setred attracts new partners

In connection with formalising a collaboration agreement with Rikshospitalet in Oslo, Setred has also attracted Medinnova AS and Forskningsparken as investors and owners in the company.

Setred on Norwegian TV

Dagsrevyen, the prime time news on Norways national TV station NRK, covered the use of Setred’s 3D display at Rikshospitalet in Oslo.

See the NRK archive for more information.

Setred receives Nutek grant

NUTEK, the Swedish national agency for industrial policies, will sponsor Setred’s devepment of a new generation 3D display. The grant is given within the Swedish Norwegian collaboration scheme, which is a joint project between NUTEK and Innovation Norway.

The development project is carried out in collaboration with Visitech, Ecsibeo and LC-Tec.

Rikshospitalet completes pre-study

During the pre-study the radiology department at Rikshospitalet has provided a number of CT and MR scans that have been evaluated on Setred’s 3D display. The results have been promising and the work will be extended by placing a 3D display at Rikshospitalet from November and onwards.

Rikshospitalet is centrally placed in Norwegian medical research, and is also involved in numerous international projects. The entire Norwegian health services benefit from the expertise developed in the professional milieus in Rikshospitalet and The University.

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